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Pioneer Camp Anglers getting ready to fish with Don Lamont

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Success on Lake of the Woods!

Elle with trophy Manitoba smallmouth

Make fishing part of your life!

Fish Winnipeg

Young anglers from the Fish Winnipeg program fish at the Forks!

Miles Mac Angling Club member

Showing off a nice silver bass!

Another great summer of fun for Fish Winnipeg participants

"A Summer Full of Smiles and Fishing"

"You got one", that's what almost 400 young participants who took part in
this summer's Fish Winnipeg Program were saying. 
Going into its 20th season, Fish Winnipeg has provided a summer full of fun
and fishing for youth who would never have had the opportunity to experience
catching a fish.
The program is offered through the City of Winnipeg Recreation Services,
Fish Futures Inc. and The Complete Angler.

The program provides participants with a half day of fishing skills and
structure.  Each participant at the end of the day receives a free rod and
reel to keep.
Groups are picked up and dropped off by a fishing guide at their
neighbourhood community centre.

The program operates through generous corporate and private donations and is
open to all youth.

Reels Solutions in 7th Season

It was a hot sunny day June 24th as 18 students from Centennial School enjoyed a day on the shores of the Winnipeg River in the community of Lac du Bonnet.It was the 7th Annual Reel Solutions for Youth program, organized and hosted by the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association.  Derek Kroeker, Eastern Region Fisheries Manager, and Professional Angler Don Lamont shared angling information and fishing stories for a couple of hours in the morning. Local angler Brian Jack, a retired RCMP officer then went through boat safety. After a hot dog lunch provided by the group it was a hot afternoon of fishing with a total of eight fish caught in one and half hours including rock bass, walleye & pike! Everyone had a great time on a beautiful Lac du Bonnet day. Special thanks also to the Gear Up program for providing the equipment to the young anglers.

Another successful season for Miles Mac Angling Club

Buckeyes Angling Club Report
By Tim Au

On Friday June 3rd, 24 students from the Miles Macdonell Angling Club braved high winds and a forecast of rain to take part in our 7th annual Buckeyes Fishing for a Cure derby.
The day started off with a slight drizzle and the fish were being cooperative right from the starting signal and first cast after 9am. The Miles Mac students caught, measured and released 32 fish during the derby. These were low numbers in comparison to past years due to the low water levels.
The students fished throughout the day, and through some heavy rain, but their spirits remained high.
A big thanks to the students as they cleaned the riverbank 1-2 times per week in May on the Red River in Lockport and packing garbage bags full of litter. It was a great educational piece for the students, to see how through their efforts cleaning, the riverbanks can look much different from when they first arrived.
It was also educational to see the impact of returning to their fishing spots to see more litter left behind.
 Our program began with weekly classroom sessions held over the lunch hours  which involved topics about the environment, water stewardship, conservation, Manitoba fisheries and species, as well as the economic and environmental impact and concerns that recreational fishing has on our province.

We interacted with guest speakers such as Mr. Graeme Smith, a Natural resource officer with Manitoba Conservation. Mr. Smith educated us on some of the new regulations in place this year as well as how our government was able to dedicate an area by Lockport as a special Pelican sanctuary.

We have learned as a group, about some of the dangers of used fishing line left on the shores and how it could harm or cause death to these majestic birds.
The students were excited to put forth all of our knowledge that we learnt in the classroom and spend two evenings a week from the beginning of fishing season until the first week of June fishing, building new relationships, and enjoying the great outdoors. We caught and released walleye, carp, bullhead, freshwater drum, goldeye, channel catfish as well as a unique catch from the Red River, a Lake Sturgeon.

When one of our students caught the Lake Sturgeon, a boat of Fish biologists from the University of Nebraska witnessed our catch and came by to inspect the fish. We were able to watch the biologists care for, tag, and insert a tracking device into the Sturgeon.
As we conversed with these grad students from down south, they shared with us briefly the channel catfish study that they are currently doing, tracking the movement patterns of the channel catfish. They shared that some catfish that they caught and tagged in Grand Forks, ND were recaptured in Lockport, MB.

In addition to catching fish, and cleaning the riverbanks, our club dedicates our derby to fundraise for a special cause. Together, we used our power as a group to fundraise and give back to charities in need. Our mandate in our club was for those who were able to, to seek pledges from friends and family for the amount of fish caught during our derby. This year, we raised over $1500 with our annual Buckeyes Fishing for a Cure derby. Our club will be donating a portion to the Kids Fishing for Cure foundation (Cancercare) as well as a few other charities that we will be deciding upon as a group.

David Livingstone has a new angling club!

Winnipeg has another school angling club. Teacher Michael |Kubas has an enthusiastic group of Grade 7 and Grade 8 students at David Livingstone Community School. The school opened in 1922 and consisted of 11 rooms.   Additions and alterations occurred in 1956-58 and 1968.  A single story addition was constructed to the north of the existing building which included kindergarten and nursery spaces, library, art room, gymnasium and administrative spaces.

David Livingstone School is located in its original spot just off the heavy Main Street traffic and busy Selkirk Avenue.  That also makes it a short journey to St Johns Park. Kubas and his angling club will be fishing there every Wednesday after school after the season opens in the middle of May. In the meantime Kubas is getting his kids introduced to this great life long pursuit. This past Wednesday Angling Educator Don Lamont spent an hour in the school’s library with the students going through a wide range of topics including fish biology, equipment and proper handling. They also received a youth angling card for 2016 and latest copy of Hooked Magazine.
 Thanks for the shirt. I will wear it proudly!

 Thanks again to Michael Kubas for getting these students involved and good luck on the shores of the mighty Red. Gear up will be supplying the club with equipment as part of their mandate. For more information on this great program, visit their website at http://www.hunterwire.com/gearup/

Youth Angling Card Winners announced

"The 2016 Youth Angling Card Artwork Contest attracted close to 300 entries (a new record!) from students who submitted their artwork and a paragraph about the lake sturgeon.  With the support of the Hunter and Anglers Preservation Fund (HAPF) and the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association, Don Lamont and John Toone visited schools across Manitoba to share stories about fishing, fish and conservation.

The 1st place winner in the Middle Years Division is Erin Waterer of Balmoral, MB for her artwork Armoured Torpedo.  Erin's picture of a lake sturgeon will appear on the front of 40,000 Manitoba Youth Angling Cards that will be distributed for free to young people this season along with a message of stewardship.  

The 2017 Contest will launch soon, and this year's feature fish is the freshwater drum.  Thank you to the teachers who support outdoor education, including Byron Apetagon of Jack River School in Norway House and his Grade 4 to 6 students who submitted some fantastic pictures of "Namew".
Visit www.youthanglingcard.ca to see all the winners

Warren Collegiate students hit the ice!

 Becky is all smiles after landing a fish!
Warren Collegiate Part Two:
By Don Lamont
After visiting Warren Collegiate in early February to conduct an ice fishing seminar, Physical Education teacher Rene Comeault was determined to get his students out on the ice as part two of the education process. On March 21st about 30 students, teachers and helping adults made the day a reality. The school bus pulled up to the door of the school at nine am and by ten o’clock everyone was fishing on nearby West Shoal Lake.
 Ethan trying to tempt a fish to bite
  Grade 12 student Ethan Garrett had been on the ice an hour earlier drilling holes in advance and making sure things were right. I had meet Ethan on my first visit and had kept in touch with him on a weekly basis to see how the fishing had been.
 Teacher Rene Comeault celebrates a catch

 While never spectacular it was good enough to make the day an enjoyable one for all of the students. About 35 perch and two pike were caught by the time the students loaded back on the bus at 2:45.  As the day went on, students were introduced to the use of electronics in ice fishing along with different presentation methods to catch the target species, in this case perch.
At the end of the time on the water, I also demonstrated a couple of ways to clean pike so the fillets were boneless. Ethan then showed me a unique way to clean perch. 

All in all a very successful outing and one the staff at Warren will consider for the future. Thanks again students, you were a lot of fun to be around!
 A nice fish to end the day

Ice Fishing is becoming big in Manitoba Schools

By Don Lamont

A couple of months ago I received a request from Warren Collegiate to come out and do a presentation on ice fishing to two Grade 10 Physical Education classes in the school. Long time teacher and instructor Rene Comeault told me a number of his students loved to venture out on nearby Shoal Lakes so he wanted to incorporate ice fishing in the curriculum.  We agreed that February 11th was to be the day. Upon arrival a number of students helped me unload my gear and I set up for a fun afternoon with the students. I started out with basic fish biology and then moved on to the different gear needed to catch fish through the ice. This included augurs, rods and reels, lures and electronics.  As it turns out a high percentage of the students had a great knowledge of the sport, one even guided part time. At the end of the day each student received the winter edition of Hooked Magazine. Thanks students for such a great time. Hope to get out on the ice with you guys in March.
By the way, I am on a committee that is looking at hosting a Manitoba High School Ice Fishing Championship next March, exciting news indeed.

Manitoba Youth Angling Art Card presentation hits the road!

Manitoba Youth Angling Art Card presentation hits the road.
Just  over a month to go!

It was a snowy Thursday when students at Alonsa School filed into the school gymnasium to hear a presentation from Don Lamont on the lake sturgeon. This prehistoric species is the fish of choice for the 2016 Manitoba Youth Angling Card. All age groups were present as Lamont shared some of his experiences catching lake sturgeon over the years including a white sturgeon he caught filming an episode of The Complete Angler television series on the Columbia. 
 Don with white sturgeon from the Columbia River

That fishery has been closed for years now in order to ensure the stock of wild white sturgeon survive. In Manitoba, anglers can catch a lake sturgeon but it was to be release immediately.Lamont brought a replica mount of channel catfish to demonstrate the similarities in that species and a lake sturgeon. He explained how sturgeon and catfish both use barbells on the outside of their bodies to track down food.
Students asked a myriad of question about the sturgeon itself and were keen to find out more information at www.youthanglingcard.ca
 Students at Alonsa School were excited to hear about the Youth Angling Art Contest

The next day Lamont headed just north of Alsona, to Ebb & Flow School located a short distance from the shores of Lake Manitoba. It was Lamont’s second visit to this community in the last ten years. Earlier he had conducted an ice fishing presentation, a popular pastime with students and residents alike.
 Cary Anderson helps deomonstrate with the catfish!
Last year entries flowed in from this school and more are expected this year from these enthusiastic students! Along both days to help was Alonsa Conservation District Manager Shawn Gurke and his assistant Cary Anderson. Gurke spoke at the Thursday presentation while Anderson helped the next day. More than 400 students filled the gymnasium for the 30 minute presentation.
 Thanks Ebb & Flow for having us at your school!